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PENONOMÉ, COCLÉ.-  El sombrero pintado, las canastas de fibra vegetal, las figuras en piedra de jabón, los accesorios labrados en desechos con materia y desechos del mar, y las piezas de barro conforman el grupo elite de las artesanías que mueven el turismo en Coclé.

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LA VILLA, Los Santos. -Con el arreglo de las máscaras y vestidos de las danzas la Asociación Rescate de Danzas Miguel Leguísamo de La Villa de Los Santos inicia la preparación del Corpus Christi, que se celebrara del 10 al 21 de Junio


 Pese a su potencial turístico, el salto El Zumbón, en río Quema, distrito de Tonosí, ha pasado desapercibido en una de las cuencas con excelente flujo hídrico en Azuero.

Panama Information

Panama City is the perfect combination of a cosmopolitan city with the rich value of its colonial history. Known because of the Panama Canal, this city has much more to offer.

From an authentic colonial city on the Old City, to the modern business area of Marbella, the diversity and the contrast of its surroundings will leave you amazed.  For some, to go shopping is the major discovery.

Others prefer to discover the Casinos, mountains, the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean, the forest, night life, fishing underwater, Latin salsa and also the Panama Canal.

Naturally, the Panama Canal occupies a prominent place on the list of places of interest.

Panama visitors have discovered things that defy the most creative imagination, because Panama is something special.

Location: The Republic of Panama is located in the center of the Occidental Hemisphere, between the following coordinates: the 7º12’07" and 9º38’46" of North Latitude and the 77º09’24" and 83º03’07" of West Longitude. Limits at the North with the Caribbean Sea, at East with the Republic of Colombia, at South with the Pacific Ocean and at the West with the Republic of Costa Rica. Panama is a link between Central and South America, constituting and Isthmus of 80km wide on its narrowest section.

Geography: The Panama Republic occupies a strategic position.  This was fundamental for all the countries to which it belonged during its history.  Its slight silhouette measures only 80km on its narrowest areas, being this the ideal shape to join two oceans.  This fact interested a lot to Spain, who from the beginning of the XVI Century, turned the country into a transit area between the seas and an important commercial center of its empire.

Culture: The Republic of Panama has always been a meeting point between cultures, obtaining the name of “Crisol de Razas”. Almost 3 million habitants, Panama’s population is composed by a 67% of racially mixed (Amerindians with whites) and mulattos (Negros with whites), 14% Negros, 10% whites; a 6% of Amerindians (Indians) and a 3% of persons of various ethnic origins.  This mixture is particularly rich for the cultural bases and traditions settled, thus not only Panamanians, but also visitors have respect for them equally.
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