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PENONOMÉ, COCLÉ.-  El sombrero pintado, las canastas de fibra vegetal, las figuras en piedra de jabón, los accesorios labrados en desechos con materia y desechos del mar, y las piezas de barro conforman el grupo elite de las artesanías que mueven el turismo en Coclé.

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LA VILLA, Los Santos. -Con el arreglo de las máscaras y vestidos de las danzas la Asociación Rescate de Danzas Miguel Leguísamo de La Villa de Los Santos inicia la preparación del Corpus Christi, que se celebrara del 10 al 21 de Junio


 Pese a su potencial turístico, el salto El Zumbón, en río Quema, distrito de Tonosí, ha pasado desapercibido en una de las cuencas con excelente flujo hídrico en Azuero.

General Information - Herrera

This province is located at five (5) hours approximately by car from Panama City.  It’s the smaller of the Isthmus and belongs to the Azuero Peninsula; it is also an important economic source.

Among the economic activities, the agro, liquor and potter industry.
On this region, the folkloric traditions are exalted through events Duch as: “The Berraquera Carnivals in Chitré, capital of this town and also of the famous Manito Festival in Ocu."

The Herrera province has a desert: The Nacional Park Sarigua, an arid plain area near the coast with 8,000 hectare. The region is also known for its excellent handcrafts made out of clay, found of the streets of Chitre and Las Tablas. On the small museums of these towns, there are expositions with objects of the pre-colombian period and also some of the independence period.


Back in 1850, the New Grenade Congress created the Herrera Province with the name of Azuero Province, formed by the Cantons of Los Santos and Parita, places that belonged to the Panama province.  But, short after they were integrated to Panama again.  On 1855 the Constituent Assembly of the Sovereign State formed from the Parita Canton the province of Herrera being the main city the town of Pese.

By that time, Chitre belonged to Los Santos.  On 1864 the Herrera and Los Santos Provinces were merged under the denomination of Los Santos Province, being the main city on the town of La Villa de Los Santos.  On 1915, under the Law 17 of January 18 of same year, Los Santos and Herrera Provinces were divided being the capital of the first the town of Chitre and of the second, the town of Las Tablas.  On 1941, under the administration of Dr. Arnulfo Arias Madrid, the two provinces were merged again under the name of Province of Los Santos and being the capital the town of Chitre, but this time under the authority of Mr. Ricardo Adolfo de la Guardia these two provinces got separated and became what they are today, two different provinces.

With a population of more than 8,000 persons and a colonial and important historic legacy, the town of Parita celebrated 446 years of foundation last August 18th. 446 years have passed by, but we are still “a colonial town that brings the attention of nationals and international tourists”.


The city of Chitre is a place that every person that comes to the Republic of Panama, should visit. The people there is very welcoming, and the city has all the services of the big cities such as hotels, restaurants with national and international food, banks, stores to shop, telecommunication systems, internet connections through the public internet cafes where you can rent online time, good transportation systems such as collective busses, taxis, etc.  It is also considered as one of the safest places in the country.


The National Park was created on 1985 has an extension of 8.000 hectare formed by mangrove swamp, coast zones and completely deforested areas on the province of Herrera, occupying a littoral zone over the Pacific Ocean and between the estuary of the Santa Maria and Parita rivers, on the bay of the same name.


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